Our dreams are THEIR DREAMS!

We still need the help of our Friends.
A door closed,
but as you can see from the "What's happening" page,
we have been preparing for a while.

Many windows have opened. Please help us to open them wide!   

1. To continue to support everyone who is still in our care, 
         from the children being supported behind closed doors to our young adults. 

These young people grew up with us and we have an obligation to continue to provide. 

  • There are a number of children who are still being supported. 

  • The young adult men of the Rafael Ayau Residence receive room, board, education, clothing, personal essentials, and medical care.

  • The young adult women still with us receive room, board, education, clothing, personal essentials, and medical care.

  • We have students attending university in Russia.
    They have scholarships, but like any family we continue to support them so they have food, clothing, school supplies (including a laptop or tablet), personal essentials, medical care, and transportation.

2. We foresee that our Casa Rafael Ayau for young adult men WILL EXPAND    

and that we will need more funding to accommodate those who come to us,

  • to update the living quarters and appliances that have aged and are not reliable. 
  • to continue to provide everyday essentials: food, clothing, personal care items, bedding, etc.
  • to provide them with medical care
  • to educate them

        SPECIFIC INFORMATION about these NEEDS coming soon. 

3.   THIS! 

We would like 
to offer the students on our Zone 1 campus 
breakfast, the morning snack, and lunch. 


This is a HUGE undertaking, 
but we know from experience 
that caring for the physical health of our youth 
increases their success in pursuit of academic and vocational goals. 

There are 680 youth, Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 3:00pm on campus. 

We would like to continue to offer scholarships for students of our online IEIRA University. 

  • We already have 500 students!
  • the first two modules of studies are at NO cost. 
  • From Module III onward, the cost is only US $20 per semester which includes all online study materials.
  • The diploma and graduation fee is US $100.
  • Even such low costs are unattainable for many poor and underprivileged youth,
    so we would like to continue to offer scholarships. 

  • Donate and choose "scholarships."