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Visit from David Guerra and Ana Lucía Martínez

posted Dec 27, 2016, 4:32 PM by Madre Alexandra   [ updated Jan 1, 2017, 6:48 AM ]
posted Dec 27, 2016, 6:33 PM by Hogar Rafael Ayau

Our boys were surprised by a visit from soccer players David Guerra and Ana Lucía Martínez on December 23. In addition to providing some coaching and autographing soccer balls, they also made and ate tamales. This is a link to the story published in Prensa Libre (Free Press) http://www.prensalibre.com/deportes/futbol-nacional/david-guerra-y-ana-lucia-martinez-visitan-el-hogar-rafael-ayau  We have included a translation below. :)

A translation of the article "Day of Joy"
The unmistakable smell of tamales invades every space in the room. The table, which is in the center, is filled with the ingredients necessary to prepare a few dozen of the traditional Guatemalan tamales while ten young enthusiasts of the Hogar Rafael Ayau work hard to prepare this delicious dish in the best way. A small boy with total dedication places the dough on the sheet and spreads the mixture; another boy continues adding another ingredient, then the special rice is added with a piece of chicken and a slice of carrot.  The tamal, now almost finished, reaches its next stage, to give it the last touch, before it is well packed and tied. As this happens, the children share jokes and smiles, not knowing that in a few minutes they will receive a visit that will bring them joy, football, and music.

It is midday and the sun is shining when international soccer player Ana Lucia Martinez and champion David "the Cat" Guerra arrive to surprise and share with the children, who, although life has severely tested them despite their young age, they dream, are grateful, and enjoy every little detail.  David Guerra, the goalkeeper of Antigua GFC, champion of the 2016 National League Opening, was moved by the great reception of children living in the home, located in zone 1 of the capital. The faces of the boys were illuminated by the visit of the soccer player Ana Lucía, who plays in the Spanish league and was accompanied by her boyfriend, Pedro Luis Peña, the singer of the group Cielos Abiertos.

The main objective was achieved! The Posada of Todo deportes created an atmosphere of union and hope on the eve of the holidays, at the end of the year. The boys immediately went into action in the wide yard of the facility. In addition they received a ball autographed by the players.  Meanwhile, Father Ignacio watched with emotion as the children under his care dream and are thankful for the visit. "It is always good to spend time with figures like these successful athletes," he said.

Elmer is the oldest of the residents. He is 17 years old was born in the capital and studied in Escuintla. Although he seems a bit serious, he lets out a laugh when he sees his companions joking with Guerra and Martinez. "I am the oldest of all and I try to be an example. I like soccer a lot, but someday I dream of being a basketball player," confessed Elmer de Leon, with a shy smile. "I like meeting people because they tell us their experiences." Looking at the others, the young man shared, "They are my family."

The Hogar Rafael Ayau is the home of Edgar Ayau -11 years-, Armando Tuc -11-, Emanuel Martínez -11-, Gabriel Juárez -12-, Miguel Chuc -14-, Samuel Lagos -16-, Josué de León -14 -, Carlos Ayau -14-, Daniel Martínez -15- and Elmer de León -17-. It is the place where they weave their dreams and the space where they shed tears when life hits them, but it is also the place where they recover from all the adversity. With their companions, their brothers, they go forth and struggle to change their history.

Edgar is a little guy who has a hearing problem and uses hearing aids in both ears. Despite this disability, the 11-year-old jumps, laughs, and plays soccer as many would want.

After playing for almost an hour with the ball, practicing techniques and scoring goals, lunch waits for everyone in the dining room, where the tamales were already cooked. All sat down for lunch and the conversations with Guerra and Martinez continued. The players shared their great experiences in the sport and motivated the boys to never stop dreaming.

This was how Ana Lucía and David carried a spark of hope as a Christmas gift to the Hogar: Never stop dreaming and always strive for your goals, because everything is possible if you work with passion and dedication.