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The Children Have Moved!

posted Sep 28, 2013, 10:09 PM by Madre Alexandra   [ updated Sep 30, 2013, 8:40 PM ]

THE CHILDREN HAVE MOVED INTO THEIR NEW HOME at San Miguel del Lago!  Madre Maria posted stories and photos of the July 28th event on the Hogar Rafael Ayau Facebook page.   Or follow this link to view the newest album on the Photos page.

Madre Inés says, “The children are so happy.  The beauty surrounding them and the clean air is already making a difference in their lives.  The lake is fantastic for rowing and kayaking and for taking long walks.”

As classes begin, much remains to be completed.  “Not everything is done,” she continues.  “As you know construction is a promise...we are still in the process of finishing doors, gas, electricity, windows, roads, tiles, sinks, etc. But it is more than livable and easier now that everyone is already home.”

As the children and nuns prepare for the Blessing of San Miguel del Lago on November 17th, the need for $150,000 to complete construction of their new home is critical.  Additional funds will also be needed for ongoing operating expenses.  Please follow this link to the Hogar Rafael Ayau website to read a recent update from Madre Inés.

To learn more about the remarkable transformation of a rocky mountainside into an Orthodox monastery, church, and San Miguel del Lago - the children’s new home and school - watch the videos on the Home page.