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New Photos from the Peaceful Demonstration today - March 14, 2017

posted Mar 14, 2017, 7:07 PM by Madre Alexandra   [ updated Mar 14, 2017, 7:54 PM ]

   Our girls!

Madre Inés was interviewed several times. Madre Alexandra and Padre Antonio are in the background. 


Gathering outside the Congress. 

Mother Ivonne is waiting for the beginning of the presentations. 

Today, we went to the Peaceful Demonstration at the Congress in Guatemala City to bring awareness to the situation facing abandoned and at-risk and to demand justice and change to allow for adoptions and oversight by the Judges of the Juvenile Court. For information about the tragedy at Hogar Seguro in San José Pinula and the contents of the petition, please see the previous post. 

Everyone is holding black balloons to represent each of the young women who died. Gloria Alvarez is a a human rights activist in Guatemala. She was very articulate in videos on Facebook to explain the petition, then with us at the Demonstration. There is a video available on Facebook.  After the purpose of the demonstration was detailed and the balloons released in memory of the young women, a delegation of 10 Guatemalan citizens were invited by Congressional Representatives to enter the Congress and to read aloud the petition. Finally, the signed petition was submitted to the Representatives. 

All the photos can be viewed in our new Flickr photo album -->  AbusadosNUNCAMAS!