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Letter from Mother Inés (pdf in English attached and original en español ajunto)

posted Nov 13, 2019, 2:22 PM by Board Member   [ updated Nov 13, 2019, 6:16 PM ]

House of Culture and Mercy

Rafael Ayau House


October 31, 2019

Dear Friends of the Hogar Rafael Ayau,


Since 2007, the government passed a law that prohibited the existence of private homes for orphaned and abandoned minor children and adoptions made by private homes. 

We continued the work in the Hogar while the government moved the population of minors little by little.  This October 30, we terminated the work with the minors as the government finished moving the children to safe homes.  This also finished the work of many of our faithful workers.


In the Hogar Rafael Ayau, a name which by mandate of the judges we can no longer use, we continue working and doing charity, being faithful to what Don Rafael Ayau founded, so we call the place CASA RAFAEL AYAU – The Rafael Ayau House. Please visit our websites at and also our FHRA Foundation website at  

In this CASA we have the residence for young men who are 18 or older.  Currently, Miguel Hernández and Carlos Ayau are there.  Miguel starts the University in January and Carlos begins the Bachillerato (High School).  Both grew up with us and that is their home. Eventually, when the other children, who moved to the safe homes, turn 18 and are consequently released from those homes (they do that), they will return to us if they wish to continue their studies.  It is a matter of two years.  We will also receive young adults who need a place to live while studying in the capital city.

In other buildings of the CASA on the Zone 1 campus, the Municipality Workshop School has been operating for a few years.  In another building, the Ministry of Education’s School for special children conducts their classes.  On the first floor of the main building, the Fundación Sigue Avanzando – Keep Moving Forward Foundation – has a great work, providing therapies to paraplegics; and on the second floor, we have the Rafael Ayau University – IEIRA – which offers online university courses with scholarships for all its students working toward a licenciatura (Bachelor’s Degree) and the online Bachillerato (High School diploma), also with scholarships for everyone.


Don Rafael Ayau can rest in peace because what he wanted for this place continues to be realized.


To you, our friends who have helped us so much to raise more than 800 children during these 23 years, we thank you.  We ask God, for each one, to bless you, and to bless your families and friends.  Without you, that work would have been impossible.  To all our employees, with whom we made a beautiful working community, we thank you.  To God, who gave us the opportunity to serve so much the minor child in need of everything, we thank Him for taking us into account for this work of love. They were wonderful years.


Now we continue, we keep moving forward, with young adults who still need us: three young ladies live with us in the Monastery, three young ladies study the university scholarships in Russia, two young men live in the CCM-Z1 and many more study in our university and in our online high school.

The work of Zone 1 and the Monastery is great and relevant. We always continue to need your help, your collaboration, in the same way as you have given to us for so many years, only we will no longer have the Christmas party with thousands of gifts, or birthdays with piñatas every month, or missionary visits every 15 days to help us with the little ones, etc., etc.  They are other times.

We hope that you visit our web pages of the Friends of the Hogar Rafael Ayau and the Casa Rafael Ayau, and that we continue to collaborate with the many children and young people in need of education.

We are immensely grateful to you for your generosity and we hope you enjoy the presentation of photos of those years that you will find on the Casa Rafael Ayau website.

With great love in Jesus Christ and eternal thanks,

Mother Inés, Mother María, Mother Ivonne, Mother Alexandra, and all the children of the HRA

Board Member,
Nov 13, 2019, 2:22 PM
Board Member,
Nov 13, 2019, 2:22 PM