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General update and looking for a sponsor

posted Jul 22, 2017, 10:05 AM by Madre Alexandra   [ updated Jul 22, 2017, 10:08 AM ]
Nothing has changed in regard to the legal situation. We await responses regarding the zone 1 property and the guardianship of the minor children. All the youth in our care continue as before with their daily activities. Since the academic year in Guatemala begins in January and ends in November, no one is on break at this time. You can imagine that they are counting the days! Our University students, depending on their respective institution and location, are studying or on break.  Some have work or internships associated with their field of study. 

We are looking for a sponsor(s) for one of our young people who will be leaving soon to begin University studies. He has been with us since he was a small child and many will know him. In the last year, he has been with us at the Monastery working in various areas: in the iconography studio with Mother Maria, with the center for Mayan Studies, in our Church and on our grounds. Studying his desired field in a University is his dream come true! He has a scholarship for studies abroad, but as with all families, we need to supply funds monthly for educational materials, food, clothing, transportation, medical, or any other personal needs. If you are interested in assisting, please contact Mother Alexandra at madrealexandraFHRA@gmail.com for details.