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  Purposely founded by the Monastery of the Holy Trinity for the youth,
                    is a private, apolitical, and non-profit institution     
                    based on the principles of freedom, truth, justice and harmony 
                    that provides online university education. 

Currently, we offer 5 licenciaturas or 
bachelor's degree programs



History of Mesoamerica 

Sacred Scriptures

Natural and Environmental Sciences

    •  All is offered in Spanish.

    • Each ebook is a complete course and is available free of charge online.

    • There is open year-round enrollment. 
      Students may begin when they like and study at their own pace.

    • For all students, the total administrative cost per module (4-5 courses) is $150 quetzales or approximately $20 US dollars. 
    • There is so much more to be done, but these are some of the advances made in 2016:

*  203,474 visits to the website 
*  50 eBooks were published. 
*  14,000 downloads of eBooks via iTunes
*  12,000 downloads of eBooks in pdf format       *  253 students have enrolled

*  IEIRA began a pilot program 
    for continuing education 

    with the principals of public schools 
    of Chimaltenango, Huehuetenango, Izabal   
    and Petén by sending personal emails 
    to 5,574 principals of approximately 40,000.