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"The Story of Our Home"
The Hogar, or home, for children opened in August 1996 as an orphanage. Before the suspension of international adoptions from Guatemala in 2008, families worldwide adopted over 400 of the 1,000 children who have called the Hogar their home. Today exists the new San Miguel del Lago and the Center of Culture and Mercy of Rafael Ayau where 50 children ranging in age from 5 - 22 years, receive support.

"Transitioning to Our New Home"

Over the past 7 years, more than 6,000 donors from around the world have successfully funded a $1.6 million dollar capital campaign to build a new home for the children on the grounds of Lavra Mambré, the first and only Orthodox monastery in Guatemala. In July 2013, the children moved from their former home marked by urban chaos, Hogar Rafael Ayau in downtown Guatemala City, to their peaceful new home and school campus located in Villa Nueva.

With your help we have opened the doors, turned on the lights
and welcomed the children to their new home.

Learn more about the Hogar at www.hogarrafaelayau.org.

“Behind the numbers are the faces of children and adults...
            friendships, abundant generosity, charity and love.” - Madre Inés


PROFESSIONALLY PRODUCED CDs are available for purchase. Share the music and the story of the Hogar with others. 


Ancient Faith Radio traveled to Guatemala in 2010 at the request of the FHRA
to record the children of the Hogar singing twenty-four of their daily Orthodox hymns.
This inspirational music is available on the CD, “Hymns of the Hogar.”  

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