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"We still have under our responsibility our youngsters who are of age, and the ones who study with half fellowships in Russia: Moscow, Ghzel, Kazan, Bielgorod and also the ones who study in Guatemala at the Universities Galileo and Mariano Gálvez and at our online University, the Rafael Ayau Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies (www.ieira.edu.gt), which is pending approval by the Council of Superior Private Education (CEPS, by its initials in Spanish). And, if the Juvenile courts allow it, we will keep helping the 12 adolescents who are under age, with all their studies, providing them a home, healthy food, amusements and family love. They are with us since they were babies and the laws never permitted their adoption."

                                                                                                                            Igumeni Madre Inés, May 12, 2017

Dear friends,
Many are asking how to help. Please note that we continue to have minors in our care for whom we provide everything. If that changes, we will let you know.

As Madre Inés mentioned, some of our children are studying in Russia. Although they have scholarships and housing provided, as with any family, we support them monthly with money for food, clothing, transportation, medicine, books, etc. The amount varies dependent on the student. We are grateful for our friends who are already sponsoring some of the students. If you would like to sponsor someone, please contact us for details. 

Our online University is nearing approval and our enrollment is steadily growing. Young people in Guatemala face many difficulties, but one of the highest hurdles is education.  Underprivileged youth are without access or means. Many find themselves locked into menial work or without work opportunities. Additionally, without the money, time, or ability to attend college, they also lack a future. Students may enroll at anytime and study is flexible according to their schedules. We were not permitted to provide free education, so we provide them with a college education at the lowest cost possible. For a module, which is 4-5 courses, the cost is $20 US. Each book contains a complete course and all are free and downloadable. Because the cost of internet in Guatemala to download the books was prohibitive, now we are making the modules available on USB drives. In the future, we will update about the progress of the university. 


Again, I wish to thank all of our Friends who have stood by us during the difficult times and have continued to support us. 

With love in Christ,

Mother Alexandra
FHRA President 

“Behind the numbers are the faces of children and adults...
            friendships, abundant generosity, charity and love.” - Madre Inés


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Ancient Faith Radio traveled to Guatemala in 2010 at the request of the FHRA
to record the children of the Hogar singing twenty-four of their daily Orthodox hymns.
This inspirational music is available on the CD, “Hymns of the Hogar.”  

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