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The Rafael Ayau House of Culture and Mercy (formerly only Hogar Rafael Ayau) now hosts and collaborates with the following organizations which offer opportunities to all of our youth. These organizations are being sponsored by the Monastery of the Holy Trinity, the Orthodox Parish of the Holy Transfiguration, the Friends of the Hogar Rafael Ayau, CEMYK, the Paramedics Association of Guatemala, Colectivo Isla, the Guatemalan Ministry of Education, the Municipality of Guatemala City, and the Rafael Ayau Residence for boys. Since the official sites of these organizations are predominately in Spanish we have provided a translation.  

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Instituto de Estudios Interdisciplinarios Rafael Ayau - Rafael Ayau Institute of Disciplinary Studies

Centro Cultural Rafael Ayau - Rafael Ayau Cultural Center

Isla Colectivo - The Island Collective

Escuela Taller - The Workshop School of the Municipality of Guatemala

Escuela Oficial # 1 de Educación Especial - The Official School # 1 of Special Education

Asociación Pre-Hospitalaria de Guatemala - Paramedics Association of Guatemala

Centro de Estudios Mayas Yury Knorosov - Yury Knorosov Center for Mayan Studies 


    Monasterio de la Santa Trinidad - Lavra Mambré 


The Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity - Lavra Mambré
is the umbrella for
 many activities, of which some are listed on this page.  
In particular, the Monastery offers 
the San Miguel Residence for girls and young female college students 
and hosts missionaries who serve the girls at the San Miguel Residence  
and the boys at the Rafael Ayau Residence
for boys and young adult males in zone 1.


Traditionally, monasteries are very busy places,
and this practice is followed by 
the Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity - Lavra Mambré. 

Among the things that Mother Inés does, she also directs the founding of the online university (IEIRA, UHDEIRA). In the Monastery´s iconography studio, Madre María offers weekly classes to the children and coordinates guest iconographers and other iconography opportunities for outsiders. Mother Ivonne cares for and lives on site with the girls and young female college students, and coordinates the Missionaries and the Monastery Hospitality.  Mother Alexandra works within the Ecdótica Department of IEIRA, primarily with the Sacred Scripture courses, and is the President of the Friends of the Hogar Rafael Ayau Foundation. 


    Rafael Ayau Residence for boys and young male adults

Understanding the needs of teenage boys, 
the Rafael Ayau Residence began in 2016 
to provide a necessary environment 
with readily accessible educational opportunities via the Workshop School of the Municipality of Guatemala, the Special Education School,
the arts, and the IEIRA University.

All the boys participate actively in the life of the Church at the parish of the Holy Transfiguration with Fathers Antonio and Ignacio. 

Father Ignacio and Matushka Doris live on site and are responsible for the boys and teens. 

Father Antonio also lives on site and is responsible for the young male adults. 



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  Purposely founded by the Monastery of the Holy Trinity for the youth,
                    is a private, apolitical, and non-profit institution     
                    based on the principles of freedom, truth, justice and harmony 
                    that provides online university education. 

Currently, we offer 5 licenciaturas or 
bachelor's degree programs



History of Mesoamerica 

Sacred Scriptures

Natural and Environmental Sciences

    •  All is offered in Spanish.

    • Each ebook is a complete course and is available free of charge online.

    • There is open year-round enrollment. 
      Students may begin when they like and study at their own pace.

    • For all students, the total administrative cost per module (4-5 courses) is $150 quetzales or approximately $20 US dollars. 
    • There is so much more to be done, but these are some of the advances made in 2016:

*  203,474 visits to the website 
*  50 eBooks were published. 
*  14,000 downloads of eBooks via iTunes
*  12,000 downloads of eBooks in pdf format       *  253 students have enrolled

*  IEIRA began a pilot program 
    for continuing education 

    with the principals of public schools 
    of Chimaltenango, Huehuetenango, Izabal   
    and Petén by sending personal emails 
    to 5,574 principals of approximately 40,000.
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The purpose of the
Centro Cultural Rafael Ayau, the Rafael Ayau Cultural Center, 
is to further the arts and music
in Guatemala for young, budding artists who do not have access or funds to promote themselves.

They have use of the gym, the art studio, the art gallery, and the gardens. 


Colectivo Isla,
the Island Collective

 is a non-profit organization based in Guatemala City.

This cooperative of fine artists maintains a studio on site where they create
and plan exhibits
representing a vast array
of artistic styles
to be shared
throughout Guatemala.
They have been coordinating the art exhibits at the Rafael Ayau Cultural Center.


of the Municipality of Guatemala, 
is dedicated to training and providing formation 
for young people who do not have access 
to the formal education system.

At the zone 1 location, the Workshop School 
offers vocational, technical education 
in the trades of construction, carpentry, electricity, gardening, blacksmithing and forging metal.


the Paramedics Association of Guatemala,
is an official association of First Responders
who meet for continuing education,
disaster preparedness,
to teach and share valuable experiential knowledge, and to train and certify persons, companies, and institutions in CPR and First Aid. 

In Guatemala, Paramedics and Firefighters are volunteers, and they provide these educational services and all emergency services to the public free of charge and on their own time.  In Guatemala, there is no 911 system, and people call the firefighters directly for all emergencies. 

They meet in zone 1 on Sundays,
using different areas of the campus,
including the pool, for training purposes.

Every year they host a symposium with a trade show  to meet the needs of First Responders.

                                                                                                Table of Contents

the Yury Knorosov Center for Mayan Studies,
was founded on October, 2012 in Guatemala
by anthropologist 
Galina Ershova, Ph.D. 

Fittingly, the Center bears 
the name 
of the Russian scientist, Yury Knorosov, 
who deciphered Mayan writing
between 1952 and 1963.

The objective of 
CEMYK is to work with all the organizations, universities and institutions that have the desire and the will to deepen in their historical investigations of the Maya.  

The Center is open to all Guatemalans,
including youth, who are interested
in the study of Mayan culture.

In the photos are shown
the figures of the Mayan alphabet,
Dr. Galina Ershova 
meeting with Mayan chiefs, and her presentation of a workshop 
at San Miguel del Lago.
For more information,
see the multilingual 
CEMYK website. 




Iglesia Ortodoxa de la Santa Transfiguración, 
the Orthodox Church of the Holy Transfiguration

is under the omophorion 

The parish was founded in 1986
by the nuns
as part of the introduction
of Orthodoxy in Guatemala.
By 1996, the parish had grown
and it became distinct from
the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.

Today, the Orthodox Church
of the Holy Transfiguration is home to 500 families who represent various cultural backgrounds in Orthodoxy: Lebanese, Syrian, Palestinian, Greek, Romanian, and Russian.

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