What is happening, especially in Zone 1?

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Instituto de Estudios Interdisciplinarios Rafael Ayau - Rafael Ayau Institute of Disciplinary Studies

Online Baccalaureate (US High School diploma)

Rafael Ayau Residence for young male adults

Hosting of Escuela Taller Municipal

Hosting of the Special Education School

Hosting of Keep Moving Forward


    Monasterio de la Santa Trinidad - Lavra Mambré 


The Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity - Lavra Mambré
is the umbrella for
 many activities, of which some are listed on this page.  
In particular, the Monastery offers 
the San Miguel Residence for young female college students, 
hosts missionaries and the iconography classes.


Traditionally, monasteries are very busy places,
and this practice is followed by 
the Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Trinity - Lavra Mambré. 

Among the things that Mother Inés does, she also directs the founding of the online university (IEIRA, UHDEIRA). In the Monastery´s iconography studio, Madre María coordinates guest iconographers and other iconography opportunities for outsiders. Mother Ivonne cares for and lives on site with the young female college students and coordinates the Missionaries and the Monastery Hospitality.  Mother Alexandra works within the Ecdótica Department of IEIRA, primarily with the Sacred Scripture courses, and is the President of the Friends of the Hogar Rafael Ayau Foundation. 


Purposely founded 
                by the Monastery of the Holy Trinity for the youth,

the Rafael Ayau Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, IEIRA ,

                 is a private, apolitical, and non-profit institution
     based on the principles of freedom, truth, justice and harmony 
                     that provides online university education. 

The offices are on the Zone 1 campus, Main Building, second floor. 

Currently, we offer 5 licenciaturas or 
bachelor's degree programs



History of Mesoamerica 

Sacred Scriptures

Natural and Environmental Sciences

    •  All is offered in Spanish.

    • Each ebook is a complete course and is available free of charge online.

    • There is open year-round enrollment. 
      Students may begin when they like and study at their own pace.

    • Modules I & II are offered at NO charge.

    • For all students, the total administrative cost per module (4-5 courses) is $150 quetzales or approximately $20 US dollars.  SCHOLARSHIPS ARE OFFERED TO ALL IN NEED. 
    • There is so much more to be done, but these are some of the advances:

*  106 eBooks have been published.

*  90,243 downloads of eBooks 

*  500+ students and growing

through the IEIRA App!



the Johnny Cash song,
"I've been everywhere?"
Well, we haven't been everywhere in Guatemala YET,
but we are trying
to spread the word! 



Colegio Experimental Rafael Ayau CERA,

Rafael Ayau Experimental High School

offers an online bachillerato (High School diploma)

Since 2019, the school operates from the second floor of the main building in zone 1.
(where IEIRA and the Computer Lab are located)

Many young people have only completed the Basic level (primary)
and the Bachillerato (High School diploma) has become almost indispensable to get a job.

Although there are many modalities of study, this one did not exist.
We believe that this can fill a gap and offer them another opportunity.


Casa Rafael Ayau - Rafael Ayau House
for young male adults

     * on the Zone 1 campus where the young men have always lived. 
*to provide a safe environment to young adult men in need of food, shelter,                     medical care, and everyday person essentials. 

     *with readily accessible educational opportunities via the vocation technical                     training at the Workshop School of the Municipality of Guatemala, the                         Special Education School, the art cooperatives, the IEIRA University,
             and now an online High School and computer lab. 

       *Father Seraphim lives on site.  

  We host the Municipality Workshop School (Escuela Taller Municipal),

which is administrated and staffed by the Municipality of Guatemala City.

The school has 600 
students (male and female) in attendance, Monday through Friday from 7:00 to 3:00, and provides vocational technical training in the areas of carpentry, welding and metal working, construction, electricity, urban agroecology, and commercial baking.

Enrollment is offered at the end of every year (school year begins in January) and the course of study is for two years toward graduation with a certificate in their trade. This is the US equivalent of a “journeyman,” meaning that graduates are competent and authorized to seek work in their specialty. 

                         PLEASE SEE OUR DREAMS!


    We host the Special Education School 
    * administrated and staffed by
        the Municipality of Guatemala City. 

    80 students Monday through Friday  

    * The school has grown by word of mouth. 
      It is the only one of its kind in the country. 

 The Keep Moving Forward Foundation

has found a home on the first floor of the main building where they provide therapies free of charge to people with paraplegia and other physical disabilities. 

Sigue Avanzando seeks to "change the attitude of people with disabilities, through comprehensive programs that inspire an inclusive and accessible society so that people with spinal cord injury live their lives and develop their full potential." (Their Mission Statement)


Iglesia Ortodoxa de la Santa Transfiguración,
the Orthodox Church of the Holy Transfiguration

is under the omophorion of 

His Grace 
the Right Reverend KIRILO (Bojovic)

The parish was founded in 1986 
by the nuns 
as part of the introduction 
of Orthodoxy in Guatemala. 



The Church is in the process of renovation.

Initially, the roof was infested with termites, prompting the replacement of the roof’s supportive beams. That work was done by the Municipality Workshop Construction students under the guidance of our engineer and their instructors.

As the work progressed, the extent of the damage was revealed: the entire roof was compromised as well as the integrity of the concrete structure, most likely from earthquake activity.  A new metal roof was installed and the walls were properly fortified. When those repairs were made, it seemed the appropriate time to move the sanctuary to its proper place – facing East.  The interior remains unfinished at this time. 



We host CEMYK 

Centro de Estudios Mayas Yury Knorosov
Yury Knorosov Center of Mayan Studies

The epigraphers and archaeologists
study the 
MAYAN culture and 
decipherment of the MAYAN glyphs. 

These experts teach our students 
how to read and write 
in the original MAYAN writing. 

Yury Knorosov
is the 
of the decipherment
of Mayan writing.




We host Colectivo Isla   

They are 
a group 
of young professional artists 
(photography, sculpture, 
clay .... arts, painting etc) 
who volunteer their time to teach 
at the Rafael Ayau House, 
the Municipality Workshop School
and Special Education School.





We host Prosodia, 

a Guatemalan 
vocal and instrumental ensemble 
dedicated to the recovery and dissemination of Latin American music 
from the 16th to 18th centuries.

They volunteer to teacour students